Welcoming Naoli Vinaver

25-28 August 2022

We feel very honored and happy to welcome Naoli Vinaver in the Netherlands in August.

Naolí Vinaver is a Mexican midwife who combines traditional Mexican and contemporary home birth practices, with a profound respect for the physiology of natural birth, having attended over 1700 home births in both Mexico and Brazil.  
Naolí is a passionate speaker and educator, teaching hundreds of workshops and seminars in over 30 countries around the world.

  • A world-wide reference of Mexican Rebozo techniques since 1992
  • The inventor of Naolí’s 7 original Rebozo Maneuvers
  • The inventor of the Natural Ultrasound technique in 1992
  • The author of many birth-related articles and books
  • The co-founder of AMA NASCER, a home birth midwifery group in Florianópolis, Brazil​  ​in 2014

This summer Naoli Vinaver is touring Europe to teach, and will come to the Netherlands to give a lecture and 2 workshops.

Read more about Naoli Vinaver here.

Thursday August 25 19.00-21.00
Bringing together the two worlds of Mexican Traditional Midwifery and Modern Obstetrics
Venue: Posthoornkerk, Haarlemmerstraat 124-126 in Amsterdam

Saturday August 27 9.00-18.00
FULL-DAY WORKSHOP The art of birth – Sexuality, birth & life

Sunday August 28 9.00-18.00
FULL-DAY WORKSHOP Challenging Births –  preventing and solving childbirth difficulties
Time schedule for the workshops:
09:00-12:30 morning session
12:30-14:30 lunch break 
14:30-18:00 afternoon session
Venue: Atelier ’t Pakhuys, Berkelkade 15A in Zutphen

General information

English spoken

We are working on organizing lodging addresses in Zutphen

Accreditation is confirmed by the following Dutch organisations:

Prof. association aug-25 aug-27 aug-28 Total
KNOV  2 7 7 16
KCKZ 1,5 3,5 3,5 8,5
V&VN 2 7 7 16
NVOG 2 6 6 14

We are applying for accreditation at NBvD.

You will receive a certificate for attending the workshops of Saturday and Sunday

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The ticket for the evening lecture in Amsterdam includes 1 drink.
The tickets for the workshops in Zutphen include drinks and lunch.

25 August
27 August
28 August
Passe Partout
Lecture + 1 workshop
25 August
27 August
28 August
Passe Partout
Lecture + 1 workshop


For more information about the events of Naoli Vinaver in the Netherlands, see this page, read more about Naoli Viaver here or scroll through the events below for more information about the events or to purchase your ticket.


Thursday August 25



Saturday August 27



Sunday August 28


Passe Partout

25, 27 and 28 August


27 and 28 August

Lecture + Workshop Saturday

Thursday August 25 and Saturday August 27

Lecture + Workshop Sunday

Thursday August 25 and Sunday 28 August

In oktober there will be 2 Rebozoworkshops:
Oktober 1-2: Rebozoworkshop by Thea van Tuijl.
Oktober 7-9: Rebozo Retreat about the closing ceremony by Christine Derksen

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