Traditional Muisqa Doctor and Midwife

Midwifery Retreat Amsterdam 16-20 October 2019

Ramiro Romero comes from a lineage of midwives and traditional healers from the Muisqa people in Colombia. He started absorbing and integrating this knowledge when he was 8 years old. It was at 15 years old when he began to attend births by himself without the presence of his grandmothers and he has not stopped since then.

The message and mission of Ramiro is to accompany a new humanity to be born and raised under the natural order laws, back to the ancestral balance in modern times. And to share the thousands years old traditional indigenous midwifery practices, which have preserved the knowledge, wisdom and harmony of its people.

These are the thoughts of Ramiro Romero:

“The time for us, traditional midwives and our community, shortens each and every day, at each birth, in each drop of blood that we look after and protect. The number of traditional midwives has been reduced. Advanced age, violence and circumstances in my country does contribute to the drop in numbers and it is our duty as midwives to guard this ancient knowledge. There is little time for us.
That’s why I must do everything I can to bring to life the vision of my grandmothers, which is to build a place in the mountains where women can come to give birth, as well as to look after the babies and people who leave their bodies in this world; where blood is offered in love and not violence, so blood can turn into big red quartz crystals that hold Mother Earth, the hytcha waia.

This place is where the law that exists between the mountain, the lagoon, rocks and the house of thought, or the Chunzua, is carefully cared for. The aim is to see how “the long breath” education (long term) will affect those born there.”

Ramiro Romero travels the world in teaching his knowledge whilst raising funds to open a traditional Midwifery school Mujeres Bachué – Huytaca.

One of his aims is to bring back the lost art of nurturing women.

Ramiro Romero’s works was founded on the following understanding: “when all the bodies of women are healthy (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual speaking), we are building the best foundations we can ever have to renew and create a new social tissue that we all belong to.”



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