Hilkka-Liisa Vuori

Hilkka-Liisa Vuori (1966), married, three children (1992, 1994, 1996)

The teacher, pedagogy and doctor of music, Hilkka-Liisa Vuori has taught childbirth singing In Finland since 1998, for example in the natural childbirth ward at the Helsinki Maternity Hospital and in the school of midwifes.
You do not need to know “how to sing”. Your own voice is perfectly enough!
The Book, Available in Finnish:
Childbirth Singing - Relaxing Sounds in Childbirth and Pregnancy (Edita 2005)
About the book:
For first, there are not any books about this subject, in any language. There are few articles. It is written for pregnant women, and everybody around them. I am teaching women how to use their own voice as a relaxant during the childbirth, but also already during the pregnancy. The book is practical. It has also a very interesting beginning with the meaning of sound touching us. Especially I use “sound touching” together with hands. Sound is also communicating with one's own soul and the baby. It is about accepting oneself with a tender voice. All exercises are very tender, it is a meditation on the beginning of life, the core of a woman. However, during the birth, woman's voice grows in strength and power as the contractions grow stronger. But the use of voice is controlled. Midwives say that sound mothers are very centred, focused, on what they are doing. The technique I teach is simple. Some women say that they did with me only one hour presentation practices, and then they used their own voice in birth. And these women are not singers. The knowledge is already right in them. I just wake it up. That is why there are also the cultural chapters in the book.
Also many men are using their voice in the labour!

Vuori also gives courses on chanting and resonance. “The sound in Woman’s body”, “ The sound – Soul’s dance in your body” and “ The sound of Silence - Meditative resonance”.

She is Doctor of Music and a music teacher graduated from Sibelius Academy, Helsinki.
Free lancer music pedagogy. Profession: teaching, performing and studying meditative and contemplative voice, Gregorian chants. Teaching Sound Birth and lullabies. Teacher of Gregorian chant in Sibelius-Academy Arts University, Helsinki.

More information: www.voxsilentii.fi

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