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Birthing a Healthy Humanity

We would like to invite you to engage with us on a life transforming and healing journey into the ‘Neurobiology of Love’.
We invite you to become part of the Birth field of ‘De Geboortenis’ and help us to create a  “Centre of Love and Life”.

The ‘Neurobiology of Love’ is our inherent birthright. It is the natural way our bodies are wired throughout conception, gestation and birth.

When conception, pregnancy and birth are consciously supported the neurophysiology of love will happen naturally. Then our body will be given the opportunity to create its own ecstatic hormones and painkillers.

We believe, Birth comes in many ways. And there is not ‘one way’ for birth to happen. Every child has its own journey, every birth is different.
However, we wish the Birthing place to be love filled and gentle. To create a place where we can trust Birth to take place in its own pace, in its own time, with as little intervention as possible.

Within an Organic Garden setting, with vegetable garden, herb garden, natural playgrounds and open space setting designated for ritual and ‘play’, you will find yourself entering a New World. A Place designed for the children that are coming to Earth right Now. A place where conscious conception, pregnancy and birth are lived and felt on every level of our being. A Garden of Eden that will wholeheartedly support every incoming soul on its journey into life. Where parents and families will be guided towards experiences that support the neurobiology of love that is our birthright.

Both the main building as the surrounding cottages will be designed through organic architecture fitting in with nature and the natural surroundings, creating a healing environment for both the people that will work, live, visit and birth at the centre. Sustainable building practices and renewable energy sources will provide the centre with necessary energy supply, water and heating, designed accordant to  ‘cradle to cradle’ (C2C) principles.

De Geboortenis will focus on a holistic and integral birthing practice.

To accomplish this we offer pre-conception counseling, fertility and pregnancy-yoga and integral/holistic pregnancy support. There will be women and men groups concerning specific topics including sexuality, healing, fertility, intuitive development and  pre-birth coaching.  Partners will be encouraged to create their wished for birth plan in accordance with the incoming child.  Specific care for parents that have lost a child due to miscarriage, abortion or sudden death as well as grief due to unfulfilled child wish will also be addressed at the centre.  Teachings on various topics by national and international guest speakers specialized in holistic birthing practices are welcomed and will draw people from all ages and backgrounds.

Both scientific as alternative sources of research concerning natural birthing practice, history of birth and  (indigenous) birthing practices throughout the world are documented at the centre. We will be offering an extensive library and information base both on paper as on the Internet. People of all ages and all backgrounds are being encouraged to share and exchange their experiences at the meeting and information cafe located at the heart of the centre

Health care, information on healthy living and specialized obstetric care is present as we highly value skilled professionalized care.

Skilled midwives and doulas are offering support when necessary or wished for at birth, whether it be at home or at the center. Parents (to be) are encouraged a conscious and responsible stand within pregnancy and at birth. They are invited to uphold a love filled and respectful birth field together with their midwife for their child. For this supports the natural physiology of birth and love. In close collaboration with gynaecologists and obstetricians at the local hospital the best continual care will be provided in case of referrals or emergencies.

The joy of life is something we honor and feel inspired by.

We wish to express our respect and love for life through what we offer at this centre. We feel it is our responsibility as mothers, counselors, teachers, doulas and midwives to offer the children that are entering this world a surrounding at birth that is fully supportive to safe, healthy, yes even ecstatic birth. A birthing centre in which bonding between parents and children is seen as the pillar of a healthy, love filled, empowered life. We want to offer children a start in which their integrity is honored. If wished for through Lotus Birth.  Breastfeeding is supported and valued. The sacredness of incarnation is consciously felt by all who are present at the centre.

As a special guest to this centre you are wholeheartedly invited to support us in raising this place.

We are grateful for every effort that is given to spreading our message and making it happen. Would you like to Invest in or sponsor this project? Would you like to share your specific talents in making it happen?

The time to act is Now. For ‘De Geboortenis’ is happening!

We welcome you to be part of it!

To raise funds for the Birth House we have been organising the foto-expo BIRTH DAY in the spring of 2015.
BIRTH DAY is the impressive work of Belgian photographer Lieve Blancquaert.
She documented Birth around the world, showing us and all visitors, the importance of a safe and healing birthing environment.

We believe a healthy society can be build, One baby at the time.

With your support the expo BIRTH DAY has been a huge succes! And with that, the fulfilment of our dream – creating the Birth House – has come many steps closer!


Now it is time to even step up further. Therefore we welcome any Donation! You can help us in many ways. Please contact us if you would like to know more!

We thank you with all our hearts!

Nienke Stoop, Christine Derksen, Minna Sangi, Kathy Herschderfer, Rob Mutsaers, Isabel Mercedes, Alejandra Alarçon and many more…

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