Marjan de Jong-van Roosmalen

My name is Marjan de Jong-van Roosmalen, I am ayurvedic postpartum specialist. 

I have spent many years studying, teaching and hands-on nurturing newborn mothers around the world.

My love for the postpartum started when I studied Ayurved with the idea to complement my skills as a speech therapist. I came across a course called “the Mother-Baby programme”: Ayurvedic approaches for the postpartum period.

After completing this course, I was hooked and very impressed with the in-depth knowledge, the easily applicable methods and the effect the treatments had on the women and their families that I had the honour to “treat”.

After the birth of our daughters, I experienced for myself how wonderful and profound the treatments are. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, I felt nurtured, rested and strengthened.

My wish that all new mothers can have access to this ancient wisdom, brought me to the holistic birth clinic of Ibu Robin Lim in Bali where I trained several of her staff members.

It will be my joy to share my knowledge and skills and I sincerely hope that this valuable treatment method will one day be incorporated in modern obstetrics and thus accessible for every woman.

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